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Aviation Psychology

I have had the privilege to work with highly competent and dedicated people serving flight safety, efficiency and customer service within the commercial airline industry across Scandinavian and Asian cooperation’s. The experience also includes the Air Force.

Service areas

Current service focus is:

  • Psychotherapy related to anxiety, fear of flying, self-confidence, stress and depression as general issues or directly related to incidents or accidents.
  • Coaching on handling personal, relations, CRM or operational performance problems.
  • Sparring aiming at regaining operational status; usually following below acceptable performance in Simulator or Line checks.
  • Captains candidate training programs, with focus on the leadership dynamics, own style and the captain’s commercial role.
  • Sparring with management on individual, organizational and strategic issues.

When aviation gets into your “blood” , it is really difficult to get it out again; should you ever wish to! 

For me it has something to do with the dedication of the people I have meet in all corners of the world of aviation. The fascinating technology and then the seriousness and the personal responsibility you carry for flight safety ….. every second of any day.

Aviation Psychological background

I have received my basic aviation psychological training in the Royal Danish Airforce and continued serving as consultant for SAS, Thai Airways International and Maersk. SIAP (Scandinavian Institute of Aviation Psychology) founded by Prof. Arne Trankell  and continued by Dr. Hans Gordon has been the source for further inspiration and training. is now integrated into SANDCHRISTENSEN. Full member of EAAP (European Association for Aviation psychology;

Total of over 1500 pilot assessments in Scandinavian and Asia, 700 pilots on commander upgrade programs, several hundreds evaluations, counseling’s and psychotherapy sessions.

European Association for Aviation Psychology