Management Assessment

• Prediction of succes
• Characteristic behaviour
• Risk elements
• Development focus

The objective

Getting the right executives into the organization to set, lead and implement the strategy is vital for the organization’s performance. It secures this characteristic forward going insight, leadership energy and organizational traction that makes the strategy work with profitability in complex business situations.

We have assessed for executive positions for decades across different industries in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Eastern Europe


The experience includes:

  • Individual assessment for positions
  • Development and potential assessments
  • Specialists, executives, board members
  • Management audit as a part of mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational change programs
  • External benchmarking processes

Prognosis reliability

With our assessment we can predict job success, describe personality dynamics and clarifying dominant characteristic behavior, critical for the employment decision.

To maintain stringent quality and effectiveness in our assessment approach, we are careful to document our methods and processes. We supervise and evaluate our own individual performance.

We have no association with any headhunters and will not let ourself be influenced by internal politics og power interests: We bring a facts-based prognosis for a specific position only.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to the client with an uncompromising effort to get the right candidate into the position. We are in particular aware of the confidentiality and respect needed in management assessment.

The Process

We usually join the process after the headhunters have presented their candidates and the company have chosen the one or two most suited for the final assessment. We manage the whole process through to candidate feedback.

We meet the candidate in our offices in Copenhagen or Zürich, or travel to a suitable location to facilitate a speedy process.

There are many different types of top-positions and many ways of reaching them, however they all seems to require a combination of energy, courage, competencies and opportunities.

It therefore comes quite naturally that if you don’t have the energy and courage to expose yourself and don’t have the competencies to see and exploit the opportunities, career progression can be a troublesome process