Career Development and Transition

Reflections, evaluations and clarification of options


Over the course of your career, you may encounter a situation where a change of job is the reality either by own aspirations and choice or by others. It may be directly job related or more to meet a need for another lifestyle. A change which requires crucial evaluations and decisions.

You may be stuck, progression is too slow or your reliable “navigation platform” for right and wrong, for making business judgements, for handling people and organizations, for what you are good at, and where your limitations go, may not stand out as clearly as it used to.

Discussions and coaching with a professional may be the way forward. The central themes are typically:

Central Themes

Transition situations are often related to areas as:

  • Change to first CEO role
  • Perspectives for career progression
  • CEO or Board direction?
  • Recurring negative behavioral patterns
  • Headhunter tactics
  • Ex- and repatriation
  • Executive outplacement
  • Wrong work/life balance
  • Termination of contract
  • Exploitation of potential
  • Bad fit with the position
  • Change of role, organization or national culture
  • Difficulties in breaking through to the VP level
  • Change in career and life aspirations

To move on

Meeting these questions and challenges there may be a need for sparring to create overview, identify the key dynamics, break old understandings, offer new angles, find the most appropriate way forward and not at least, to learn from the past to reset the navigation and to prevent that the same thing repeats itself.

Systematics, new perspectives, challenge, fairness and confidentiality are central to the meetings.

The career with competition, prestige and the attention it brings, can really be fascinating. However, with this fascination, the possibility to reflect, to consider options, consolidate and to see life in a broader perspective may be pushed into the background.

While in the critical transitions, check whether you yourself are running the show or merely are a passenger driven by all kind of external elements; when all the external elements disappear or are achieved, life may be felt as quite empty.