Recurring behavior derailing your intention?

Leaders who, in certain situations again and again experiences that they handle personal and relationship issues and situations in a less effective way; derailing their intention and reducing impact. They want to get to the bottom of the problem and get it solved, rather than continue to manage around it. Example of issues clients bring:

  • procrastination
  • easily defensive
  • avoids exposure
  • overly self-critical
  • takes on too much work
  • emotional distant to staff
  • concentrating difficulties
  • self-confidence is fluctuating
  • hesitates in making decisions
  • frequent relationship conflicts
  • misinterpret the political landscape
  • accelerated development of potential
  • difficulties in maintaining mental focus
  • avoids conflicts and fails to give pushback
  • uncomfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • nervousness and stiffness in EXCOM presentation situations
  • the message is clear in my office but vague in front of the team

The approach

When you want to develop leaders and in particular when accelerating potential, it becomes important to focus on the inner dynamics, when you meet recurring less effective behavior; which can not be changed through traditional development:

The method: ISTDPLeadership

The intention of our services is to enhance leaders’ performance and wellbeing by applying elements of the psychotherapeutic method of ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) in leadership development.

ISTDP carries a large body of documentation as a very nuanced and effective method for understanding the conscious and unconscious dynamics of our personality and for creating lasting change in the way people understands themselves, relates to others and acts.

We are very careful to split possible causes by separating inner psychological elements (what we work with), from insufficient knowledge, experience and motivational elements (they must be dealt with separately).


Discover your own inner dynamics

Conndensed process for high performing leaders


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