What we work with

We address the unhealthy and less effective reactions to the particular combination of ambitions, opportunities, challenges and pressure present in a complex organizational leadership position.

We approach the issues both from a Psychodynamic and a Business context, with the aim of making the potential available, optimizing the individual’s general life well-being and effective contributions to the business.

We focus on the behavioral patterns that inhibits what you really want to do but which are difficult to get rid of. You may very well see what happens, but don’t have a clear understanding of the underlying inner dynamics and the patterns they create. Nor do you have a strategy for how you can free yourself from the undesired destructive behavior.

In the sessions we work with an understanding of the inner underlying causes to the “symptoms” i.e., problems and behaviors you experience. Problems arises when we have difficulties in handling emotions inside ourself. Rather than being able to experience emotions freely and constructive, we experience anxiety or react with defense mechanism. It is an unconscious automatic reaction that occurs in emotional situations; the automatics in the shape of anxiety or defense drives you unconsciously to a place where you do not want to be.

Symptoms: Reactions to inner psychological emotional conflicts

In the sessions

We strive to create a safe situation where you are willing to let go of obsolete avoidance strategies and open up for emotional closeness to yourself and others. Emphasis is on cooperation and intensity in each session, where defenses and avoidance strategies are met and addressed, while stress is kept on a moderate level.

We are careful to investigating your reactions and ways of dealing with challenges, so you can find out what is inhibiting you, can work through unsolved emotional conflicts and mobilize your internal resources and potential.

We seek towards a new understanding of the ”self” and towards that self-destructive habits and obstacles for growth are removed in order for you to regain the satisfaction and pleasure with life.

While the problems and dynamics are identified, we will successively define realistic goals for development including daily observation points, awareness areas and exercises in-between the sessions, to facilitate learning and consolidation.

ISTDP Method

I apply evidenced based psychodynamic psychological methods, tailored for your specific need and challenges. The psychotherapeutic work is based on the very effective and empirical validated method of ISTDP.


Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy