Stress recovery treatment

The role and job as a leader or specialist in a high performing environment where you are measured by own individual objectives, yearly functional stretching target and with a business unit responsibility, where the remuneration often is a combination of a fixed base salary (to keep you alive), yearly performance bonus (to make you feel reel comfortable) and with a good proportion of share options in the company (prospects for achieving longer term wealth + to secure your loyalty) creates an environment for stress induced sickness.

In these type of organizations there will, as a main rule, always be elements of performance stress and internal relationship frustration that will bring some degree of speculations, dissatisfaction, rumination, agony, tension, nervousness, disappointment, overworking yourself etc. And also, even in high profiled professional companies you will meet poor leadership and degrees of toxic culture both main contributors to stress.

This is just a part of the package that comes with all the positives; working close to really capable people, super engaged teams, strong positive performance culture across the functions, genuine possibility to meet own boundaries, constant learning opportunities, endless relationship building and very often in an inspiring international environment.

Everyone will experience hardship and setbacks. You regroup, regenerate energy and is fresh after a solid weekend or vacation. However sometimes the issues accumulates, and you can not break out of the pattern; you may be moving into a more permanent stress load situation where temporary stress symptoms becomes permanent. These may show themselves as sleeplessness, tiredness, touchiness, lack of energy, sadness, less creativity, difficulties in remembering and concentration.

When this pattern is present, we recommend that you deal with it before it evolves to a serious problem. The earlier you address it, the less long-term effect it may have. And the faster you will learn from it and develop yourself as a professional.


Treatment; external and internal factors

In the treatment we will work with twin factors:


Our aim is to bring you back on track as fast as possible. We combine our experience and knowledge of organizational dynamics with dynamic psychotherapy to clear the way through to recovery. We have focused weekly meetings.

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