Executive sparring

Discussion partner for sensitive business issues


Leadership roles on VP, SVP, EXM, CEO and Chairman of the Board level often requires solitude careful reflections before major decisions. Reflections which cannot be shared with members of the organization or the Board, as they may be a part of the scenario, or because it is of a very private nature. 

In these types of situations, an external sparring partner as sounding board can contribute to clarification of the dynamics and choices. 

The sensitive areas

The issues we often address are related to:

  • Political barriers
  • Problematic bosses
  • Challenging members of own team
  • Power struggles
  • Organizational consequences of strategy change 
  • Relations to or within the board
  • Personal stake in transformations
  • Partnership tactics
  • Organizational positioning
  • Performance issues
  • Governance observations
  • Ethics
  • Family busines issues
  • Own positioning in Mergers or Acquisitions
  • Personal issues
  • Board evaluation and effectiveness


We offer a ”secure space” for confidential discussions. The central questions are addressed, not only from what-serves-the-business-best perspective, but also from your situation and how you yourself contributes to the situation.

We help balancing your motives, ambitions and competences with realistic possibilities. Perspectives, clarity, honesty, confidentiality and discretion is at the very core of our approach.