Supervision is provided in relation to the area of Work and Organisational psychology, for business psychologist, other professional groups and leaders

How does organizational psychology contribute?

Organizational psychology applied in a professional way really works and contributes in many different ways:

  • It may be to organize a company strategy process more as a learning process for the corporate management, than primarily as an analytical process consisting of numbers, analysis, SWAT models, PWP presentations, discussions etc.
  • It may be to experience that a job success prediction based on a thorough business psychological assessment of a pilot, or an executive actually sticks in real-life situation.
  • Or to experience that training aiming at multiskilling the workforce on a production line, combined with job rotation, reduction of repetitive tasks and self-governing teams not only create higher job satisfaction and better work relationships, but also a more effective operation

Which role is there for organizational psychology right now?

In the time period where many businesses are right now, it is not merely the strategy, market approach, financing that primarily or alone is critical for the company’s success if not survival. The organization’s ability continuously to learn and to change, is of fundamental importance for the business success. And this is all about organizational psychology. Understanding of the organization’s psychology and the application of adequate interventions is critical for the strategic intentions and effective management of the company

Frames for the supervision

To be able to function effective as an organizational psychologist there are broadly speaking 3 elements that must work:

  • You must know your basic professional organizational psychology and be curious about the rest.
  • You must understand the business/organization you are a part of (vision, mission, culture, political dynamics, strategy, KPI measurement system, products etc.).
  • You must be able to function sensibly with people, must be able to maintain momentum and you must not compromise your professional organizational psychological point of view, ethics and morals as a psychologist.

I offer supervision in relation to the 3 elements above, adjusted to where you are on your journey as organizational psychologist. It is a learning process as well as work on concrete problems and issues.

I also offer “personal development” as a part of the requirements for the License and Specialisation